EXR - Real Estate Industry

12 March 2018


EXR - a New York Real Estate company that offers Residential and Commercial Services to tenants and landlords.


  • AWS EC2, Amazon S3, Digital Ocean VPS, NodeJS, LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP), AWS Lambda.
  • DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • React.js, bootstrap, JS, Html/Css
  • Headless CMS, Custom CMS
  • APIS:
  • DocuSign, Stripe, MapBox, Oracle Enterprise dbas REST api


5 developers (3 front-end, 3 back-end) + 1 PM + 1 DevOp


EXR is one of the biggest Real Estate sales/lease companies in NYC, predominantly operating in Brooklyn. Using standard RETS and IDX protocols to acquire lists of available commercial real estate objects was a big obstacle for the company to grow rapidly and stand out among its competitors.


The CGP Systems team has faced a number of complex tasks that included building a brand new system to switch from the old system to a modern Serverless solution, automating the document sign-up and payment process, integrating a micro social network for tenants to find flatmates, and, finally, reduce the costs for marketing activities (creating and hosting landing pages for each real estate object separately) drastically.


After thorough research that revealed all the traps and pitfalls, CGP Systems came up with a step-by-step solution to address each of the abovementioned customer’s needs: - A new serverless system was built based on AWS - The document sign-up of rental agreement and payment process was fully automated using two services: Docusign & Stripe - A small social network integrated right into the website was developed for tenants to cooperate with other potential flatmates who look for similar rental offers and, thus, rent together. - The cost of hosting per landing page was reduced significantly to just $0.50/month per page using Amazon S3 and Amazon Lambda.


Streamlined, lightning-fast performance, Outstanding mobile experience, increased conversion rates by avg. 170%, automated documentation flow, automated marketing flow with better analyses and ads retargeting based on visitor data, Reduced RETS and IDX protocols usage and hosting costs.

12 March 2018

EXR - Real Estate Industry

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